Russel Fish had a Samsung Tablet cover which was very worn out and eventually broke. He then decided to hand stitch some denim from an old jeans to refurbish the cover, and protect the Tablet. Even though it was a tedious process, Russel was continuously asked to make phone and tablet covers made from denim for other people. Pretty soon the requests became overwhelming and hand-stitching these covers became too much.

One day his Mother bought a second hand sewing machine, and asked for a lift to the repair shop to have the machine serviced. Russel realised that he might be able to make these denim covers much quicker if he used a machine, and promptly bought the machine from his Mother and paid for the service as well.

The first burst of products from the sewing machine were not tablet covers though. Russel started experimenting on pillow covers, and soon started making neck pillows after exploring the industry suppliers in Cape Town, and getting to know the equipment.

Useful Creations as a brand name was actually just a name initially given to the digital creations by Russel Fish developed on spreadsheets and word processing documents such as budget templates and forecasts during his studies. These items are due to be launched in 2019, and will provide the average person with less than average computer know-how with useful digital tools to manage their finances, planning for vacations, recipes and managing calorie intake, and so on.

In the end, Useful Creations seems to be developing into a commercial brand, and will continue to be developed with some other exciting products being launched in 2019. #WatchThisSpace